We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the classroom facilitated Hair Practitioner Certificate Course (HPCC) website on behalf of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). This is the only site where you can register for the 3-Day hands-on training course led by IAT Certified Trichologist and Board of Directors Member, Evie Johnson.

Evie Johnson, founder of Evie Johnson's Hair Solutions, integrates her 20 years of industry expertise in cosmetology, trichology, business acumen and marketing into each 3-day class. This training is specifically designed for hair loss professionals, cosmetologists, hair replacement technicians, barbers, and all other professionals that manage clients who have varying degrees of hair loss and scalp disorders.

In order to stay relevant in the hair care industry, while simultaneously growing your business and maintaining profitability, business professionals and business owners must have a wealth of knowledge in all areas:

  • Foundational knowledge in hair & scalp health
  • Corrective hair care practices
  • Clinical skills, products & solutions
  • Customer service
  • Fundamental business skills
  • Branding
  • Marketing and financial intuitiveness

Our course will re-energize and transform the way you currently practice your trade. This can be overwhelming for anyone, especially doing it alone! 

Evie Johnson's Hair Solutions wants to provide you with the core essentials in hair loss & scalp education, tools, personal support and structure to align you with your life’s purpose & passion, while improving your work/life balance and creating financial freedom. We will give you practical, efficient, and effective strategies that will help you to reach your goals faster while avoiding common pitfalls and road blocks.

We invite you to attend this 3-day hands-on training course and to allow our team to help you jump start your journey into understanding hair loss & scalp disorders, while peaking your potential as a Hair Practitioner.

Don’t waste valuable time re-inventing the wheel. Review our complete Course Overview now.

We look forward to meeting you!